Registration & Forms

A physician’s order is required for the sleep study and EEG.  Please visit your physician to get a referral if you haven’t already done so! If you don’t have a physician, call the sleep lab and we can refer you to a sleep specialist.


Step 1: Schedule your sleep study

Please call 281-201-2180. We will do everything possible to accommodate your scheduling needs while still getting you your sleep study as quickly as possible!


Step 2: Registration

We need to make sure we gather your demographic and insurance information before you come in to receive your study so that we can have everything prepared for you.


Option one: Call the sleep lab and the office assistant will happily take your information over the phone. Please call 281-201-2180.

Option two: If you prefer, you are also welcome to use our download our SMI Sleep Study Form (below) and bring them with you to your appointment. (There are additional forms that you will need to sign when you arrive at the lab.)


SMI Sleep Study Forms

SMI Bed Partner Questionnaire

SMI Current Medication List

SMI EEG Patient Information

SMI Epworth Sleepiness Scale

SMI Instructions

SMI Patient Instructions and Event Diary (For Ambulatory EEG Only)

SMI Sleep History Questionnaire

SMI Sleep Study Testing Policy/Cancellation Policy